About Ascend

Who we are and how we can support you

Our purpose

Ascend was created to serve Georgia’s Community Service Boards (CSBs). We partner with CSBs as a workforce multiplier and provide support with recruiting, hiring, payroll services, human-resource related functions and benefit administration. As a private entity, Ascend is uniquely positioned to help CSBs adapt during times of change to increase staff, provide customer service to new and existing employees, and support internal Human Resource teams to have a broader reach.

Our leadership team has decades of combined experience serving CSBs. We are well-versed in the culture and mission, and we understand the critical role CSBs play in Georgia. We are dedicated partners who are heart-led to serve and through our partnerships, we help connect people looking for purposeful work with the organizations working tirelessly to improve quality of life for our vulnerable neighbors and families.

Working with Us

Our employees are permanent, full-time team members who work side-by-side with individuals from multiple organizations and with people employed directly by the Community Service Board—all as part of the same team. Together, we are collaborating to help strengthen the communities where we all live and work. If you are looking for work with purpose, view our open positions to see where you can use your skills to make a difference in someone’s life.

If you are a Georgia Community Service Board interested in partnering with Ascend to multiply your workforce and add support for your internal HR team, please reach out. We’d love to start a conversation.