New Employees

We are excited to have you as part of our team.

What are your next steps?

Starting a new job is an exciting time and can also feel overwhelming. Our goal is to support you through the process.

For a successful onboarding experience, you will need to complete a series of steps. Each item below is a required document or process and must be completed before you can begin orientation. Currently, orientation is held every two weeks which means a delay in submitting your documentation will delay your authorization to begin work. Orientation is mandatory for all employees.

The following items do not need to be completed in the order presented, but all must be completed BEFORE you can attend orientation and are time critical. We suggest you begin with the first three items – 1). Complete your onboarding in Paylocity, 2). Schedule to be fingerprinted and 3). Have your TB Skin test completed.

If at any point in the process, you have questions or need additional information don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Complete your New Employee Onboarding with Paylocity Payroll System


Paylocity is our time-keeping and payroll system. You will need to complete the onboarding steps in Paylocity to ensure we can pay you. You will receive an email prompting you to begin the onboarding process, and a second email with a temporary password.

Make sure to check your junk and spam filters. The emails will say, “Welcome to Ascend Community Staffing Partners”

Gather your information. You will need:

  • Your bank account and bank routing numbers for direct deposit
  • Your i9 information – you must present acceptable documents as evidence of identity and employment authorization. You can view a list of acceptable documents HERE
Get Fingerprinted for your New Job

Get Fingerprinted

1). To submit your fingerprints, you first must create an online account with Georgia Fieldprint. To create an account, go to their website and click on “Schedule Appointment.”  For more detailed instructions, download our step-by-step guide to Fieldprint HERE.

You will need the Employer Fieldprint code for Ascend, which is: FP-GAC14039-HRBH (include dashes).

Make sure you keep the username and password you create for your new Fieldprint account. You will need it again.

Once you’ve created your Fieldprint account, notification will be sent to The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD). DBHDD will email you directly with a notification that you have been approved to move forward and schedule your fingerprint appointment. This can take 2-3 days. You cannot schedule your appointment to be fingerprinted until you have received this approval. Watch your email and make sure to check your spam and junk folders.

Once you have received DBHDD approval, you will log back into your Fieldprint account and schedule your appointment to be fingerprinted. Fieldprint offers multiple locations throughout Georgia for you to choose from.

If you have not received an approval to proceed email from DBHDD within 2-3 days, please let us know.

TB Skin Test Requirement for New Employees


TB testing is a state requirement for people working in healthcare settings and is a multi-step process.

  1. Have a TB skin test with a medical provider of your choice
  2. Return to the testing site within 48-72 hours to have your skin test results read and documented.
  3. Send us the documented results of the first test – the results of your first test are required BEFORE you can begin orientation
  4. Have a second TB skin test conducted 14-21 days after the first
  5. Return to the testing site 48-72 hours after the test was administered to have your results read and documented
  6. Send us documented results of the second test

PLEASE NOTE: Prior tests from previous employers are not valid

There are several places you can go to have your TB skin test performed, including your physician’s office, a CVS Minute Clinic, a Walmart Health Centeror your County Health Department. If you need assistance finding a location or with scheduling, let us know and we can help you.

Schedule your in-person Onboarding Meeting with Ascend


Before you begin orientation, we will meet with you to go over any outstanding documents and to take your badge ID photo. We meet new employees in several locations throughout northwest Georgia, and will contact you to schedule your in-person meeting.

Please Note: If you are onboarding as a result of an onsite hiring event, you can skip this step. We do not need to meet with you a second time.

Send us your Proof of Education


We require proof of education for all employees. If the position you are about to begin working in does not require a college degree or professional license, you need to submit a copy of your high school diploma or GED. Scanned copies or a photo taken with your phone is acceptable.

If the position you are about to begin working in requires a professional license or degree, you will need to send us your official transcripts and a copy of your license.

Official Transcripts:
If you do not have official transcripts, you will need to contact the Registrar at your college or university and request them. You can go to your college’s website and request E-Script Transcripts be emailed to you directly. Once you receive them, download and email them to us. Only send transcripts for the highest level of degree completed. 

Professional License Holders
If you hold a Georgia State License (RN, LPC, LPN, LMSW, LAPC, etc) We must have a copy of your Pocket License. You can print or download a copy of your Pocket License from the Georgia Secretary of State’s website.

Submit your COVID-19 vaccination card and documentation


Highland Rivers Behavioral Health falls under the federal mandate for tracking COVID-19 vaccination status for all staff, which includes Ascend team members. All current employees must be *fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or provide documentation of medical or non-medical exemptions, including religious exemptions.

Gather your information. You will need:

  • A copy of your COVID-19 vaccination card or exemption documentation. A scanned copy or a photo you’ve taken with your phone is fine

The following link will guide you through the process of uploading your vaccination card or providing your exemption documentation:

*People are considered fully vaccinated for COVID-19: two weeks or more after they have received the second dose in a 2-dose series (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna or other vaccine authorized by the World Health Organization), or two weeks or more after they have received a single-dose vaccine.

Send us Copies of your Drivers License and Insurance for your New Employee Paperwork


You will need to provide a copy of your current driver’s license and in some cases,  a copy of your valid auto insurance card. Scanned copies or photos taken with your phone are acceptable.

Contact Us

We are here to answer questions and help you through the process. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. You can also review our New Employee FAQs HERE

Dayna Veit, Senior Staffing Coordinator, Ascend Community Staffing Partners

Dayna Veit

Senior Staffing Coordinator

Mayra Lane Onboarding Specialist, Ascend Community Staffing Partners

Mayra Lane

Onboarding Specialist